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David Good “Boredom is necessary for brain development”
Studies and research in neuroscience, did enough prey? Are they implemented? I think not, but simply because they are very recent studies. Any scientific [...]
The chess as an educational tool
The Congress of Deputies unanimously approved the promotion and practice of chess in schools, with the idea that runs becoming subject or to be [...]
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Why you need to come back to classrooms to solve your professional hurdles
It is said that career opportunities and growth never cease and one must excel at every point of time to achieve higher success. It is true that [...]
Education and the Three Little Pigs
“In fact, eighty percent of teachers are sadistic or incompetent. Or sadistic incompetent. They accumulate stress and then take it out on students. [...]
The school children want
It seems like yesterday … but this is the 100th blog post. To celebrate I decided to give the floor to the children. For some time I ask you to do me [...]
Educating is like playing …!
You educate in these times of uncertainty and mobility is much like playing Candy Crush Saga. I do not mean just so addictive that are both activities, but [...]
Internet in education is infoxicataion
Dolors Reig said that according to recent research: “(…), That when the information is familiar is processed quickly but when it is chaotic, [...]
Who wants to end public education?
A teacher who does not teach and a student learning should not be so strange and absurd “as a Belgian soleares” (Joaquin Sabina: So am I [...]
The imperative in education
The use of the orders, accompanied by cries too often has been (and still is!) Constantly in school education. The teacher, in the image and likeness of a [...]
10 concrete proposals for change education
What I write in this blog aims to reflect on education in times of crisis. My purpose is to “provoke” the readers, through metaphors, opinions, [...]